Dr. Angela Silva is director of clinics for Physical Medicine Associates. She has created a multi-specialty clinic that has merged a group of diverse and specialized physicians to provide a unique focus to patient care. Today we are experiencing a changing landscape in the healthcare industry. Health care costs have escalated uncontrollably, while often the consumer is being cut off, or out of health care plans. The introduction of managed care has created a difficult atmosphere that has often tied the hands of medical professionals to offer quality care to their patients. As a solution to these issues, new models of practice are being established. These innovative solutions allow healthcare professionals access to a greater paradigm of healthcare. They allow a practice to thrive, while remaining consistent with the legal, ethical, and moral obligations of the health care provider. Physical Medicine Associates (PMA) has been created where medical specialties will co-exist with chiropractors offering both alternative and allopathic care at a common office location.

She has received extensive training and certification with Cenegenics Medical Institute, the largest and most experienced Age Management Medicine Practice in the world. She is an affiliate physician to the world leader in the development of therapies designed to improve your health and vitality. Age management medicine offers the prospect of a longer, significantly healthtier life. It is Cutting edge medicine helping people turn back the clock to enjoy today, and tomorrow to its fullest.

Dr. Angela Silva specializes in the field of photodynamic therapies. She is a highly sought-after lecturer and consultant to the healthcare community. Dr. Silva first became introduced to photobiomodulation medicine in 2000. Since that time, she has worked closely with researchers and manufacturers to successful implement this technology into many hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities and private clinics. She utilizes her extensive experience with cutting edge light-based treatment system to reduce pain, improve circulation, and promote healing at the cellular level. Her dedication to research and health promotion has led Dr. Silva to offer training and education that will provide a clear understanding of this effective, state-of-the-art technology to healthcare providers and patients at all levels.

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