Dr. Carrie Skony’s interest in chiropractic began at the age 14 while being treated for a dance related injury. She has always been interested in health and fitness, but it was her many years in dance training that sparked her fascination with the intricacies of the human body and passion for studying movement and biomechanics. She decided to pursue a career in chiropractic medicine as a way to provide complementary and alternative treatment options to patients with pain and dysfunction. She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Iowa and continued on to graduate Cum Laude with a Doctorate of Chiropractic from National University of Health Sciences, a leader in the profession and known for its focus on evidence based holistic medicine.

She is passionate about education, for herself and others, and believes that when you know better, you do better. Dr. Skony has spent much time since graduating furthering her education in the areas of:

  • Functional rehabilitation of the spine and extremities
  • Corrective Exercise techniques
  • Pregnancy and post-partum care
  • Webster Technique for pregnancy
  • Dance injury treatment and prevention
  • Biomechanics
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Power Plate® fitness training

Dr. Skony has been practicing physical rehabilitation, chiropractic, and sports medicine since 2005. She enjoys focusing on injuries and conditions unique to active patients, and spends time promoting principles of physical fitness. Her patients range from the occasional weekend warrior to the pre-professional athlete. She emphasizes the importance of exercise and proper rehabilitation in the treatment of injuries and performs one-on-one rehab with all of her patients. She stresses the importance of restoring optimal function of joints and muscles. Because she is passionate about prevention, she teaches corrective measures to prevent the recurrence of injuries in her patients.

Dr. Skony treats all ages and particularly enjoys developing the kind of trusting relationships with her patients that she thinks is too often lost in health care. She finds the greatest joy in empowering her patients to take an active role in their health care. She does this by making patient education a priority, providing her patients with a greater understanding of their body so they can better care for themselves in the long term.

In addition, Dr. Skony also has a passion for working with dancers of all ages and abilities. She has a history of dance training, performing and teaching. She has been a staff member for National Cheerleading Association Danz Division. She is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and has received special training in working with dance specific injuries through the Harkness Center for Dance Injury in New York and NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. She understands the demands of dance and feels it is imperative as a dancer to have a physician who understands your activities. She is passionate about keeping dancers injury free as well as educated about taking proper care of their bodies. She offers numerous workshops in group or one-on-one settings for dancers, parents and instructors. She enjoys speaking at and working with dance schools and companies throughout the Chicagoland area. She is available to speak with dance and performing arts groups about injury prevention and specific injury care unique to these individuals.

Since starting her practice at Physical Medicine Associates, Dr. Skony has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Lisle and Naperville communities. She has been actively involved in the Lisle Chamber of Commerce, serving as chair of the Lisle Women in Business group for 2 years. She has been a member of local Jaycees and Junior Women’s organizations. She enjoys mentoring young students who are passionate about health and pursuing careers in healthcare and speaks at local high schools educating students about healthcare careers. In addition to caring for patients, Dr. Skony serves as adjunct faculty at Waubonsee Community College where she enjoys teaching anatomy and physiology. Dr. Skony lives in Arlington Heights with her husband and son. She is passionate about sports medicine, functional medicine, fitness, clean eating, dance, education, and women’s healthcare. Some of her other personal interests include fitness, yoga, cooking, crafting, reading, traveling, and college sports.

Practice Philosophy:

  • Dr. Skony believes each patient is a unique individual with different needs, goals and capacities. She strives to honor this by providing personalized and comprehensive treatment with respect and empathy.
  • Her passion is educating and empowering people to live healthier versions of their lives.
  • She believes in spending quality time with patients so that she can fully hear their concerns and answers their questions.
  • She believes each person should be treated as a whole person, not a sum of individual parts.
  • She believes healthcare is not just about treating injuries and illness, but about investing time to help others be healthier now, and in the long term.
  • She believes in collaboration of care and co-management of injuries with other healthcare practitioners whenever it is appropriate.
  • She believes in being personable and accessible to her patients.
  • She believes in being a health resource for her patients.
  • She believes in empowering patients to make the healthcare choices that best suit their individual goals, capacities and preferences.

Testimonials for Dr. Carrie Skony, D.C.

Dr. Skony was great. Very thorough and caring and I would recommend her to anyone. I liked the fact that she was aggressive with my therapy treatment so it wasn't long and drawn out.

I liked the fact that the location was so convenient and Dr. Carrie was very thorough and explained everything. Thanks for all your help!

I am extremely satisfied with the care I received from Dr Carrie. She always gave me very clear explanations of my condition, in words I could easily understand. She cured me and on top of that taught me how to take care of my body to prevent the pain from coming back.

What I like best about Physical Medicine Associates was all the explanations Dr carrie gave me concerning my condition, the various exercises I was taught to prevent the pain from coming back and the modern equipment you have.

(Dr. Carrie) was professional and friendly and really earned my trust during the treatment. She continued to answer my questions thoroughly and helped me understand what was causing the problem and how to help keep it from happening again.

Dr. Carrie was amazing showing me and explaining to me what was going with my sore muscles. I actually learned some great things about my muscles from her. I just can't say in words how great my visits to your office were. I really can't wait to come in again. I hope to visit at least once a month just to make sure my muscles do not get as bad as they were. It seems to always be ironic but I had a friend over the other day that was aware of my neck issue. He told me he has the same neck pain I had told him about. I suggested your facility to him. I hope he comes in! I also told one of my construction worker friends because he has some back pain. I feel good about telling people about your office because of my great experience there.

What I liked best about Physical Medicine Associates is the fact that my pain is gone and I was given good tips and hints to help keep the pain away. Just keep doing what you’re doing! Great experience for me! Hope to see you guys again soon!

I have the highest confidence in the care that I receive from Dr. Carrie for my maintenance and occasional injury related treatments. She is very good at the immediate diagnosis, planning out my next steps in treatment and giving me at-home exercises. I am very comfortable with her bed-side manor and feel that I can say whatever is on my mind. I am 50-something and consider myself a physically active person by working out and I love to run. I have been with Physical Medicine for over 6 years and not only have I had a great experience with treatments, but have gained a wealth of knowledge of preventative care. What really opened my eyes was when I added Chiropractic care along with my physical therapy (from another provider) for my rotator cuff injury. My recovery rate was sped up significantly. Now, I call Physical Medicine first when for maintenance and for my occasional injuries.

I personally could not go to another Chiropractor. Dr. Skony has won my trust, which can be hard to do. She has an enthusiasm that is contagious. What I like best about Physical Medicine Associates is the friendliness of the staff and Dr. Skony. The whole staff makes you feel comfortable.

Dr. Carrie takes the time to understand the medical problem and the patient. She then explains the problem and all the potential solutions and helps you make the best decision that is in your best interest. She is by far the best Doctor I have had to administer to my care. What I liked best about Physical Medicine Associates is the friendly atmosphere, and how you take the time to get to know your patients and are willing to work around their needs.

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