Dr. Giang practices in a Multi-Specialty group that incorporates Medical Physiatry, Family Practice, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. His group is called Physical Medicine Associates and is located in Naperville Illinois. Dr. Giang specializes in sports related injuries and neuropathy care. The majority of patients that he treats are those that have failed traditional therapies including medicine, physical therapy, chiropractic and surgery.

Dr. Giang was a high school teacher prior to going back to continue his education in chiropractic medicine. He continues to teach still but on an international level. He currently teaches continued education courses for chiropractors, physical and occupational therapists, and podiatrists. His teachings include infrared therapies, rehabbing failed cases, and functional casting for fractures. Utilizing current research and treatment protocols, he consistently discharges patients 45-60% faster than traditional therapies.

Dr. Giang’s success is contributed to his belief that patient’s care comes first. He works closely with other physicians to co-manage his patient’s care. He feels that no one health care practitioner can treat all of a patient’s ailments.

Dr. Giang enjoys working with many of the local area athletes. He has volunteered with the Naperville Wrestling team since 2003. He works closely with many of the area coaches to get their athletes back on the field as quick as possible. He has also co-developed series 1 and 2 Functional Core Training exercise programs with the Naperville Fire Department. The programs are being utilized at many of the fire departments across the country.

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