Pam is a experienced licensed massage therapist with a firm touch that is the perfect balance of relaxation and corrective modalities. She is an expert in clinical massage which includes deep tissue and trigger point therapy. Common clients include athletes and those with chronic illnesses of all ages.

Her passion for massage therapy began when she attended her first class, infant massage, in 1999 with her first daughter. She was amazed by the affect that her touch had on another human being. She now has four daughters and her youngest was born with Cerebral Palsy of which she has been able to use her expertise to calm spastic muscles which has allowed her daughter the freedom to move. Pam enjoys revisiting her first love by teaching parents the art of Infant Massage.

Pam is very professional, personable, warm and welcoming and has a desire to improve the quality of everyones life.

Pam has also worked as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant and she maintains current with first aid and CPR/AED certification.

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