HCG Diet

HCG diet, what are you waiting for?

Join the HCG diet program and safely lose up to 2 pounds per day.

The oral HCG diet has skyrocketed into a diet craze. HCG weight loss has been publicized on hundreds of television shows including Fox News, NBC, Oprah, and on CBS.

Why is everyone talking about the HCG Diet?

  • Because it works!
  • Incredibly fast and safe weight loss.
  • You are able to keep the weight off.
  • Just as effective in the oral form as the injections.

The HCG diet is a leading weight loss diet because it is effective, safe, and easy. Let HCG help you to shed unwanted and unhealthy pounds.

Why is HCG so popular?

The biggest reason for this explosive growth is that the HCG diet plan really works. It is that simple. It is one of the fastest ways to lose weight and keep it off.

We're excited about offering a proven weight loss program supervised by medical professionals.

There is no faster way to safely lose weight than with the guidance of a physician. In fact, average weight loss with physician supervised HCG is about 23 pounds in 4 weeks. Incredible results like this come from you and our professional medical staff working one-on-one to create a plan that is tailored to your body. If you have tried other weight loss programs with little or no success, you know it can be a frustrating and disappointing process. The group at Physical Medicine Associates can help.

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The HCG Weight Loss Program can help you lose the weight and keep it off for good.

  • Eliminate Food Cravings
  • Reshape Your Body
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Burn Fat Deposits In Those Hard To Lose Areas
  • Learn How to Keep Excess Weight Off FOREVER!
  • As a result of lower weight, healthy eating habits, and improved metabolic function, patients may also experience improved cholesterol and blood pressure levels, more stable blood sugar (perhaps even in diabetics), fewer aches and pains, improved mood and energy, a healthier control of their appetite, and the loss of cravings for junk foods.

  • HCG is a drug which has not been approved by the food and drug administration as safe and effective in the treatment of obesity or weight control. There is no substantial evidence that HCG increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or "normal" distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restrictive diets.