Help for Nerve Pain in Naperville

A cutting-edge, drug free answer for nerve pain

If you experience stabbing, throbbing, or burning pain in your feet and hands, you are not alone. Like many others, you might be suffering from a condition called peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy occurs most frequently in people who smoke, are over age 40, and have difficulty controlling their blood sugar levels. In fact, about half of all people with diabetes and thousands of others who suffer from immune system disorders, infection, trauma, alcoholism, and many therapeutic drug therapies are expected to develop Peripheral neuropathy.

Today, many treatment options exist to alleviate symptoms, and it's important to find the treatment option that will work best for you.

At Physical Medicine Associates we have treated thousands of people like you with overwhelming success. Imagine being able to walk pain free, sleeping through the night, reducing or eliminating prescription pain medication.

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